Enhancing today’s lifestyle through innovative, responsible development

About Master Capital Management

Master Capital Management (MCM) specializes in full service commercial real estate asset management, from property development to property management working with high net worth individuals to build institutional-quality real estate investments.  Today's market demands quality, functionality, and responsibility.  MCM's contracted team of architects and designers use cutting edge design techniques while being cognizant of their responsibility to the environment and their investors.  Our mission is to deliver quality commercial and residential properties that enhance the market place while building long term relationships with investors, contractors, business owners, and residence.  From the luxurious Park Place Apartments, to the strategically located retail space at Coburg Station, to the eight story student housing apartment complex on Portland State's urban campus, MCM continues to innovate while meeting market demands with well planned quality developments.

Master Capital Management’s success is attributed to a strong foundation of expertise drawn from Steve Master and Tim Weiskind, the Principal Real Estate Managers, who have over 34 years of combined real estate experience.